Belgian federation for old vehicles



We are one of the agreed experts for valuations for the insurance company of the members


Marlog Car Handling


Marlog Car Handling specialises in transporting cars, motorbikes, classic/antique vehicles and boats to and from any place in the world for both the private enthusiast or collector and the professional dealer.
We offer you on on site valuation for your newly imported car.


Historic Automobile Group


Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI™) is an independent investment research house and think tank with specialised expertise in the rare classic motorcar sector. The group has created benchmarks which track this alternative asset class accurately for the first time, using rigorous financial methodology usually associated with more traditional investments. The HAGI Top Index is published monthly on the Financial Times website.




Oldtimerweb is het grootste, meest gekende en meest populaire Belgische on line informatiepunt voor oldtimerliefhebbers.